Beautiful Blogs I Love to Read!


I’ve took a different approach with this blog post and I have decided to recognise the amazing, talented bloggers out there. I read different blogs for different reasons and I don’t think bloggers gain the recognition they deserve so I’m going to change that! Below is a list of my 8 favourite blogs. It doesn’t matter whether you have a blog with 10000 followers or with just 10, to me its all about the content and the way you present your blog.


I have been reading Becca’s blog for a couple of months now and I’m so impressed. Her blog has a gorgeous style to it and covers both lifestyle and beauty. I have enjoyed reading recent beauty reviews on this blog and I love how many of her posts are presented with lots of pictures! This makes posts very easy to follow. Becca shows through her content that she is a lovely person and an amazing blogger!



Again, Faye Jessica seems to be a lovely blogger and this shines through in her content. I love how much variety she offers her audience. Her blog covers a wide range of subjects, travel, beauty, fashion, food and even more. There is definitely something for everyone with this blog!


Ciara’s Little Blog

First of all this blog is adorable! I am in love with the gorgeous blog header and the style. I think it is presented beautifully and it is definitely something that first attracted me to the blog. Ciara offers a wide range of content but I also think many of her blog posts have a personal touch such as ‘What I got for my birthday’. These are the posts I love to read the most. A very honest, beautiful blog.


A Beautiful Chaos

This blog stands for all things right in the world. It is a mental health blog by Nicole. I will first start of by saying the style of is beautiful. The title presents the blog beautifully and really reflects what it is about. This can only be described as an honest blog with pure content. I am impressed with everything I read and it is nothing like I’ve ever seen before making it very unique. A recent post by Nicole ‘Supporting Charities is Easier than you think’ is one of my personal favourites. Such an honest and relatable blog.


Loubee Lou Blogs

Beautiful blog once again. I am attracted to blogs that present themselves well and this blog definitely does. Loubee covers many different topics but is definitely a very honest blogger. She talks about mental health while also presenting blog posts such as ‘My Top 30 Empowering Songs’. I really enjoyed the positivity of this blog post and the overall feel of her blog. Another one to check out!



I love the content on this blog. It is always so honest. It has very varied content which i really like as its always very exciting. This is a blog I have recently discovered and the writing style that Holly uses just makes me want to read more. It is again a gorgeous blog and I find it very empowering and positive. Amazing blog once again.



This is a very recently found blog but I have instantly fell in love with it. It is so fun and covers so many topics. Reading just a few of the posts have made me smile and I am really enjoying the writing style. I can’t wait to read more from this blogger in the future!


The Longing Wanderer

Last but by no means least, my lovely friend El. We started our blogs at similar times and had a good laugh about it. She posts lots of different posts and the style of her blog is gorgeous. I really like her post about Amsterdam and the beautiful pictures in the post.  As a new blogger she is smashing it, go and take a look!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and its given you some new blogs to take a look at. Blogging is not a competition. Bloggers should help each other and that’s what I aim to do. Well done to the bloggers included in the post, I love reading your content and I hope you give yourselves a pat on the back because your hard work is paying off! This post is not sponsored, just my recommendations. Thank you for reading!

Rachel x


Review! MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip colour❤️

mac x

I’d like to start my post today by saying thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my posts! I have found blogging to be really hard work and although I am not the most consistent or experienced blogger I’m really enjoying giving it a go! Today is another review for you all! The Retro Matte Liquid Lip colour! I very kindly received this for Christmas and I thought I would give my thoughts on the product!

Consistency: We will get the negatives out the way first today. The feel of the liquid lipstick is really nice when putting it on but it can be very drying once its set. I have this problem with all the liquid lipsticks I own and it is hard for a brand to combat. The way it dries does hinder the overall look it has on the lips. I have found applying a lip balm before applying the product does help a lot. 3/5

Staying Power: I will hand it to MAC, when it comes to staying power they rarely disappoint. For a liquid lipstick this product does stay a lot longer than many others I have tried. I went out for drinks with my friends and was extremely impressed to still have my lip colour in tact when I got home, even after a few drinks. Staying power is definitely a positive to this product! 5/5

Colour: I can only judge the colour that I have ‘Burnt Spice’. The colour is perfect for me, it is a nude colour with a more brown undertone that appears once it has dried. I have tried other MAC lip products and always find the colour selection to be incredible. They always have something for everyone. Some of the other colours in the collection that I really like the look of are ‘Back in Vogue’ and ‘Fashion Legacy’. Also, how amazing are the names MAC give their products! 5/5

Packaging: As a business student, I am always interested to see how a brand presents their products. MAC have beautiful branding. Their products are very consistent and sophisticated. Personally, I love the simplicity of MAC packaging and the way their products look. 5/5 in my opinion!

Price: The product is currently priced at £17.50. I think this product is slightly overpriced. This is definitely one of the best liquid lip colours I have used but I find it hard to justify paying nearly £20 for a lip product. The lip colour is a good size however and according to other reviews lasts ages so perhaps it can be justified as a treat! 3/5

I hope you’ve gained some useful feedback from this post! The product is available from the MAC store and students can also receive 10% off purchases! MAC are a popular makeup brand that I highly rate however their products are definitely a more luxury price tag.

Rachel x

My 2018 New Start, Resolution Ideas!

Happy New Year! Well I wish, I want this blog to be as real as the people reading it therefore I want to be 100% honest. I haven’t had the best start to the new year, I feel very down in the dumps. There is no particular reason for me feeling this way I just haven’t felt myself recently. In order to try and pick myself up and feel better I have decided to do a blog post on my new years resolutions. Most aim to follow the ‘New Year, New Me!’ ritual on January 1st but majority of the people hoping for a massive life change don’t succeed. Always remember they say people who start diets on a Monday never stick to them, so why not start on the Tuesday or the next day? It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, if you want to achieve something go for it.

  1. Exercise and Diet. First of all I want to dramatically improve my diet and eat a lot more healthy. The amount of chocolates I received for Christmas was unreal and now is the time for a massive detox. I aim to go the gym 3 or 4 times a week and eat more fruit and vegetables. This aim seems to be in everyone’s new year list but it is extremely important and can have a massive change on your health, your skin, your hair, the benefits are immense!
  2. A Tattoo. A strange thing to put into a new start blog I suppose but something that I really want. I personally really like tattoos and how they can tell a story and look really attractive. They’re not for everyone but I believe you only have one life so why not try everything. I’m not entirely sure what I want yet but I have a few ideas!
  3. Drink more water Rach! Although this seems like the simplest thing to do and something that most people do everyday, I have the brain of a fish when it comes to drinking. I completely forget to stay hydrated and it is something that is so important for your health. If nothing else this year, drinking more water is my main priority as boring as it sounds!
  4. Start my own business. I am currently a student studying Business Management at University and I have had this idea in my head for a long time, I want to own a successful business. Entrepreneurs inspire me and I am really interested in gaining some experience of making some sort of business, whether that be beauty related or crafts related I’m not entirely sure, but this year it would be amazing for me to set up something that I enjoy and hopefully profit from it!
  5. Help my family out more. This is again a strange aim for the year! As a teenager, I sometimes get a little caught up in my own busy life and forget to appreciate and help the people closest to me. We are all guilty of it. I have always struggled with prioritising what’s important so this year I will be making an extra special effort to help out my family the best I can, especially my mum.
  6. Overcome anxiety once and for all. I am not the most confident and outgoing person in the world and I suffer from anxiety really bad. I don’t talk about how much it affects me to people who know me because I put on a brave face and power through but new situations can be extremely stressful for me like other anxiety sufferers. Anxiety stops me from doing what I want to do. Its stopped me so many times in the past but I am absolutely determined to not let it get me down in the future. I may write another blog post on my anxiety one day but for now, I’m trying to overcome it bit by bit.
  7. Stop spending money on unnecessary things. I am terrible with money. As soon as I have it I spend it and I honestly think the majority of my wages goes on food. I eat out a lot with my friends and my boyfriend without realising the effect it is having on my bank account. From now on, I will only eat out once a week as a treat and will also set up a savings account to try to manage my money more efficiently.
  8. Pass my driving test and second year of university. Thought I’d throw two in one here as these are the two things that I want to achieve. I have not started driving lessons yet but will be in the near future and I’m obsessed with having a car at the moment. It would just be so convenient I can’t wait! Furthermore, I love university and all the people on my course are lovely. I didn’t do amazing on my A-levels and was left a little disappointed but this year I hope to get really good grades and long-term pass my degree with a 2:1 or a first!
  9. My final aim for this year is yet to be written. This is because I’m saving it for something else I want to aim for. Yeah, new years resolutions are set at new year but we are inspired throughout the year and I’m sure something else will cross my mind and encourage me in the year so we’ll save a space in my list for something new.

Do you want to know what is really funny about this post? These are my 2017 resolutions that I wrote up last year with a few missing that I managed to accomplish! I am not the most motivated person and I still have a lot more to achieve. I’m going to give it a good go this year and hopefully next year I can come back and say I’ve ticked a few more off the list! This is my personal list and once I press publish I hope it will encourage me to stick to it. I hope this blog post has inspired anyone who reads it to just make the most of this year and everyone stays safe and has the most amazing year. Here’s to 2018, a new chapter!

Rachel x

Thoughts on Victoria Secret Fragrance Mists, My Favourites!


With Christmas fast approaching everyone wants to find the perfect gift for their friends and family so reviews are vital this time if year! I love hearing peoples thoughts on products before I go and splash out myself. Its an efficient way of ensuring the product is right for you and avoiding disappointment. My review today is on ‘Victoria Secret Sprays’. I have been using these sprays for a number of years and feel like I can give an accurate review on these products!

Variety! 5/5! First of all, Victoria Secret have a massive range of scents to suit everyone’s individual preferences. Some are floral, others are a more fresh scent. My personal favourite and the scent that I would personally recommend to you all is ‘Pure Seduction’. It smells divine, this has been my go to scent for almost two years now and I am always receiving complements when I spray it.  Another personal favourite of mine is ‘Love Addict’. It comes in a pink coloured bottle. I cannot criticise any of the scents personally. Some that are not to my personal taste, my friends love so it all depends on the person. Victoria Secret has something for everyone.

Staying Power! 3/5! This is the factor I am not overly impressed with. The scent does linger on clothes for a long time however it is not a strong scent. However, this is the same with any fragrance mist. I would describe the product as a quick spray to make you feel refreshed rather than a long lasting perfume.

Price Tag! 4/5! Victoria Secret is a well known designer brand so the price does reflect this. Prices do vary based on what scent you choose and what collection the scent is from. For example, the Bombshell collection is more expensive due to its popularity. The traditional sprays sell for around £11 per bottle in Victoria Secret Stores but the products are usually slightly cheaper on their website and in other retailers. The traditional scents are on offer on the website at the moment. Delivery charges do apply. I am happy to pay this price purely for the beautiful scent and the product lasts a long time therefore I think the price tag is reasonable.

Packaging! 5/5! Finally, I am obsessed with the way Victoria Secret present their products. I think the business get branding absolutely perfect. The bottle is beautiful with a gold lid and they come in different colours depending on the scent you opt for. The bottles are very generous and do last a very long time. I have had mine for near a year now and I am only just coming to the end of the bottle.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and it helps you to decide on whether ‘Victoria Secret Fragrance Mists’ are the right purchase for you. Overall, I would rate this product 4.5/5!

Go and treat yourself!

Rach x

Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas for less than £10❤️

I am beyond excited for Christmas! I have to admit I’m that annoying friend that gets excited for Christmas in September, it’s just the best feeling getting excited, buying presents and doing fun Christmas-related activities.  Unfortunately, I am not doing Blogmas this year. As much as I would have loved it, I don’t believe my blog is there yet as I’m still learning and trying to gain an audience. However, I thought I would do a little Christmassy post  to give you some gift ideas. These are the posts that I find the most useful this time of year and I hope you will too. I find stocking fillers the hardest to buy and for me, I don’t like spending too much on stocking fillers. My three ideas are below £10 and very good value for money and I hope it gives you some inspiration!

Next Alphabet Range!

A little fact for you all is that I am a sales assistant in Next however, it is not a place I have shopped in much until recently. This year they have really pulled it out the bag with stocking fillers. I am so impressed! Next have a whole range of Christmas gifts at very affordable prices. One of the products I personally love is their new alphabet range! I think giving a more personalised gift for Christmas just adds a special touch to a present and I love things with my ‘R’ on. Next have brought out the cutest little candles, selling at £5, perfumes, again £5 and notebooks, selling at £4. The items are multi-coloured with letters on and I think they are the perfect stocking filler. Their alphabet range is really lovely and very thoughtful and I have bought many of my friends some of the items for Christmas this year!


The Body Shop Gift Range!

In case you haven’t seen by now I love the Body Shop and have previously reviewed their Tea Tree Range on my blog! They have gorgeous mini gift sets that would make lovely little stocking filler presents. The sets come in a range of their well loved scents and are presented in a little square box that is so cute and very eye-catching. It comes with a little shower gel, a softening gel and a bath lily and sells for £6. This is a bargain for the quality of the Body Shop products and it looks adorable! Worth taking a look at, they always have offers on for even more money off!


Primark Socks and Beauty and The Beast Theme!

You know where the best place is for stocking fillers that is never mentioned, Primark! Primark is one of the most affordable shops on the high street and offers a wide range of products. I can never leave the shop without buying something and one of the products that I do reach for in Primark when gifting is their snuggle socks!  Snuggle socks in Primark are usually under £2 for a pack of two and they are always packaged lovely and compact, an ideal stocking filler. Finally, Primark are selling beauty and the beast themed products at the moment and I am obsessed! I am 20 years old my whole room is beauty and the beast at the moment! They’re so cute and the little beauty and the beast purses would make perfect stocking fillers, at just £4!


These are my three picks and the places that I will be shopping for my family and friends this year. I hope its given you all some potential present ideas for an affordable price. Again, my post is my own opinions and are not sponsored!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

Rach x

The Body Shop ‘Tea Tree Range’ Review!

I love the body shop! It’s one of my favourite shops on the high street! When anyone asks me what I want for Christmas or for my birthday, I always say ‘Just get me body shop stuff’. They never fail! I am always impressed by their collections but I’ve got to admit my favourite is their Tea Tree Collection. Although the smell of tea tree is not to everyone’s tastes, I quite like it and it works miracles for my skin. I have noted my three favourite products from the range below!

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser!

I’ve always suffered with spots and unfortunately, like many of us, I was not blessed with perfect skin. However, the product that really turned my skin around was the’ Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser’ priced at £6! I am obsessed with this product and have been using it for about two years on my skin. It leaves skin feeling refreshed and prevents spots. When I forget to use this cleanser for a few days my skin begins to get spotty again so it really does keep my skin clear and fresh.


Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Mask!

Another one of the products I’d like to highlight from the range are the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Mask. It is priced at £11.00 but is well worth the money! It again leaves my skin feeling extremely refreshed and clear. I use this product whenever I am having a breakout and it always helps dramatically. I really like this face mask as you can feel it working on your skin and it really feels like its getting into the pores. The only criticism I would give is that it can bring out spots if left on too long but this applies to all face masks so keep an eye on the time!


Tea Tree Oil!

My final pick from the range is Tea Tree Oil, priced at £12.00 for 20ml. It is useful to pop on spots and blemishes directly. It is concentrated and is therefore very effective when you have specific spots you want to get rid of! I have great results putting it on blemishes overnight! This product is a must have for me. I did used to have a bottle of tea tree from Boots but personally, this one is much better. This is again a great product and an excellent addition to the range.


Once again, I am very impressed with this range! This post is by no means sponsored, I just want to give my opinions on products and hopefully help all you find good products for affordable prices! I would rate the Body Shop Tea Tree Range, 4.5 out of 5! My skin type is dry/normal and it works amazing on me but based on the effectiveness of the product, all skin types would benefit from this range! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my views and don’t forget the body shop also offer student discount and always have great online deals! Until next time,

Rach x

Barry M Sunset Nail Varnish Thoughts❤️


First of all hello and welcome to my new blog! I’ve gave blogging a little go a number of times but never really managed to get an audience or know what I enjoyed writing about. I’m a student currently studying Business Management and I am looking to go into Marketing and I am therefore starting a blog to get some experience and hopefully meet lots of new and exciting people and work with some amazing brands!

My first blog post is called ‘Barry M Sunset Nail Varnish Thoughts’. Barry M is a brand I have loved for years especially for its nail varnish. I can hand on heart say that Barry M nail varnish is all that I use on my nails and is as close to professional as drugstore will get. The whole collection of nail varnish the brand have released is amazing however my personal favourite and the product I will be reviewing for all you lovely people today is their Sunset Nail Varnish.

The Sunset collection is my absolute favourite and its all I have used on my nails for the past 3 years and I will highlight my main review points below for you lovely people!

  • Affordable! Each of the nail varnishes cost £4.99 in Boots and Superdrug and if your lucky enough to have student discount like myself its even cheaper in Superdrug! It is great value for money in my opinion.

  • Lovely colours! The range offers some gorgeous colours, my favourite being the bright red colours that I wear far too much! The only criticism is that although the colours they offer are gorgeous and extremely well pigmented, I would personally love to see more colours in the range because I love it so much!
  • Lasts up to a whole week without chipping! This is no joke ladies and gentleman, applying two coats of colour and one coat of the top coat has honestly lasted me up to a week and sometimes over a week without any signs of chipping! I can’t explain to you how impressed I am as I cannot stand my nails chipping. Barry M offers a high standard drug store product that has that same staying power as a professional nail brand.
  • Gel nail effect! If I had a pound for every time someone asks me ‘Where do you get your nails done?’ I would be very near a grand, the nail varnish gives the most stunning gel nail, shiny effect it makes it look like you’ve been and had your nails professionally done!

As you can tell I can’t rave about Barry M Sunset Nail Paint enough and I have no idea why its not talked about more! From my experience this is a great product, well worth the money and I am highly impressed. As far as drug store nail varnishes go, I would rate this a 4.8/5 based on the fact I want even more colours as I’m addicted and have used all of the others! I hope this review was helpful and encourages you to make a purchase, this blog post is by no means sponsored! Its all my own thoughts and I hope it helps you to change your nail game in the future because it certainly did mine!

Enjoy the rest of your day and please leave a comment lovely people reading this!

Rach x